Plant Care

Soil Type
Coarse soils are the best for succulents as they provide the ideal amount of drainage so the soil cannot hold onto moisture for long periods like the soil for non-succulent plants does. I use my own mixture of compost, perlite, lava rock, sand and bark.
The 'soak and dry' method is best for succulents. During the growing period between spring and fall, water thoroughly until the water drains out the bottom of the pot. Do not water again until the soil has completely dried out. This will be dependent on the environment the plants are growing in. Fertilize regularly during the growing season between spring and fall with a 10-10-10 fertilizer. 
*Succulents go dormant during the winter months. Do not water or fertilize during this period if you are growing them outside. If growing indoors, resume regular watering and fertilizing.
In general, succulents thrive in bright, indirect light. Do not move your plants into direct sunlight if they have been grown in the shade or indoors. Doing so will cause them to burn. When grown outdoors, place the plants in a area that gets bright light or morning sunshine and afternoon shade. If grown indoors, place in an area such as a windowsill that gets bright light. Afternoon sun, especially during the summer months can severely damage or kill these plants.