Featured Cacti

Mammillaria matudae 'Thumb Cactus'

This is a clustering cactus that forms a ring of pink flowers on each head and elongates with age. It is fast growing compared to other cacti and flowers often.

Native to Mexico.

Gymnocalycium baldianum 'Chin Cactus'

This is a globose cactus that readily produces pink and scarlet colored flowers. The spines are flexible and curve inwards.

Native to Argentina.

Astrophytum myriostigma 'Bishop's Cap'

These are slow growing, spineless cacti that produce yellow flowers. Some are covered in white, hairy scales and others are naked.

Native to Mexico.

Parodia haselbergii 'Scarlet Ball'

This fuzzball is a fast growing cactus that produces orange-red flowers readily. It clusters by forming multiple offsets.

Native to Brazil.